Cloud-based bound book

An ATF Compliant Record Management System for Federal Firearms License holders

Never a monthly fee, just $0.99 per customer transaction

Up to a maximum of $49.50 per month.

Cloud-based bound book for Federal Firearms License holders that is ATF compliant and no monthly fee.
Cloud-based bound book for Federal Firearms License holders that is ATF compliant and no monthly fee.

Let us take care of the paperwork, so you can take care of business.

Designed by law enforcement and an FFL holder to meet the record-keeping needs of your FFL business.

  • We keep up with all regulatory changes and ensure you are complaint
  • Run background checks directly from EzOnlineFFL
  • EZOnlineFFL alerts you in real-time if there is a potential problem
  • Only $0.99 per transaction, never an additional fee for multi-handgun transactions
  • Maximum charge of $49.50 per month

We know that business can be tough, EZOnlineFFL makes it easier.



Save time, be compliant, great for all FFL record-keeping needs

Background Checks

NCIC / LEEP Background checks. No need to swap between LEEP and EzOnlineFFL we collect all the data and send it to the FBI for you! Best part is this feature is included at no extra charge! more...

Import from Driver License

Scan the barcode on the back of a driver license and import customer data fast

Digital signatures

Your customers can sign their documents electronically on their device or yours

Print ATF 4473 and 3310's

Print completed 4473's and 3310's for your records or save them as PDF's easily with one click

100% ATF Compliant

Our process, servers, data retention, logging and backups are 100% in compliance with the ATF

Every Click Logged. Forever

The ultimate in compliance, every click, every word, stored forever and instantly recoverable

Add unlimited inventory for free

No charge for managing inventory at EZOnlineFFL. You are only charged when a firearm is transferred out of your inventory

Unlimited Users

Add Employees to your account for free. Allow them to modify inventory and do transfers

FFL Online Search Tool

Forget the hassle we maintain all FFL holders for you. Updated daily and interfaced with the ATF FFL eZ Check online system. All searchable by city, state and business name. Ensuring total real-time compliance.

Tablets, Mobile Phones

Mobile phones or tablets we do that. We use QR codes to allow your customers to complete the 4473 right on their own device or tablet

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Try us free for 10 transactions, if you don't love it, you can easily download all of your records from our system. Don't worry, we can still be friends.

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At EZOnlineFFL we know that running a compliant FFL business can be difficult; our goal is to make it easier.

The computer guy


The computer guy

Retired Georgia Law Enforcement and Firearms Instructor turned programmer.

The gun guy

Capt. Jerry

The gun guy

NRA Certified Instructor, 10 year FFL holder, and US Coast Guard Master Captain.

Chief Fur Baby


CMO (Chief Moose Officer)